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Quizeee?! brings fun and activity in your team and client events, no matter wehther online, hybrid or offline.

"The perfect solution for digital team events."
Severin Karl, CFO/COO foodloose GmbH

Teambuilding in a different way: Quizeee?! has already excited  100+ teams in Europe. Our hosts guide you thru one of our 30+ exciting quiz. We will activate interaction at your virtual events, kickoffs, team client events. Lean back, getting to know you better and have fun at competition with your teammates or clients.


virtually connects and engages teams, employees and clients

We bring fun and engagement into your virtual event. No matter, if you looking for a interactive team challenge, a reason to get in touch informal with your clients or you looking for a interesting events on your online conference - Quizeee?! will entertain, educate and entertain your participants.



Fun and engagement challenge for your team meetings.


Get in touch with your clients and use the power of an informal and fun challenge.


The perfect event on your agenda.


Optimize attention and concentration with a fun challenge at your work meetings.

It´s easy: submit appointment request and we´ll deliver the perfect entertainment on your agenda - remote, anytime, anywhere!*

*works on any video conferencing software: Zoom, Teams, Bluejeans, Google Meet, Webex, Skype etc.

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Quizeee?! has already inspired many companies


Our customers use Quizeee?! for their own team and customers events in their home offices.

Customer review


"Kim und Thomas really fired us up at our 2021 virtual team party. They kept all 25 colleagues entertained with great questions and witty moderation. Everyone in the team was consistently on board and had a lot of fun. The technical implementation was simple and perfectly done. We highly recommend Quizeee?! and will certainly book them again in 2021.“

Anna-Marie Stiddig, Senior Event Manager, heycater!

10 reasons why you should book a Quizeee?!


No ingredients, packages or gadgets need to be sent in advance. So you really save a lot of money.


We are always available via email, phone, WhatsApp or Instagram. We take care of everything and You don't have to worry about anything.


You simply invite us to your meetings, e.g. via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype.... and we can get started. So no knowledge and no pre-installations are necessary. Just have fun.


You can play Quizeee?! across all country borders on the entire globe. Therefore Quizeee?! is not only suitable for German speaking teams, but especially for international teams. We can offer Quizeee?! in German, English, Spanish and French and many more languages if requested.


You can also book us at very short notice. Up to 4 hours before the event, we can still accommodate you. In this case, it is best to contact us by phone or via Whatsapp.


With us, nothing has to be shipped. So nothing can get lost, arrive too late or not at all. :-)


When you book us, we will host the entire event and you can relax. Competent, friendly and with wit and knowledge, our hosts will guide you through the whole Quizeee?!


You can postpone your virtual event if necessary. So don't stress if you don't know exactly how many participants you are expecting and the date and time are still being planned.


You want to meet your colleagues in person? We can understand that. That's why we've came up with a hybrid solution. We can join you live at any of your events and play a Quizeee?! with you on site or without being present. Please contact us and we will clarify the details.


Quizeee?! works well with other virtual events such as cocktail and wine tastings. But you can book Quizeee?! not only as an "evening event", but also as an early morning "start-in-the-day" or "midday wake-up session", completely without alcohol: ;-)


About Quizeee?!

Kim and Thomas are good  friends since many years, both come from the digital industry and are always aware of the latest trends. The idea for Quizeee?! came up after they spontaneously organized an on-site song quiz at the Christmas party of a large software company. It was so well received that they wanted to turn it into an offering, actually as a live event. Covid-19 changed plans and they had to digitize their business model. The shift has worked out well and they aim to upgrade online events to make the current situation more bearable for everyone and drive digitization along the way.

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We are happy to support you anytime!

You have questions?


offers exciting questions from a wide range of categories

What happens when cows eat too many carrots? What is John Wayne`s real name? Which band became world famous with the hit "Last Christmas"? Who wrote the masterpieces "Faust"? The longest river in Europe? How many episodes of "Game of Thrones" are there? Which actor plays Harry Potter?

You van answer all these questions in your sleep? Choose your category and quiz against customers and colleagues. 


History, geography, math, art, literature...