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Party in Santa Hüte

Quizeee?! brings fun and action to your 2021 Christmas party, no matter if it is online, hybrid or offline.

Suitable for companies and teams of any size.

Book now 60 minutes of special  entertainment and team building  for your team. Quizeee?! is the interactive digital quiz show for your digital and hybrid events. With our X-mas quizzes we not only provide fun and action, but also strengthen your team spirit. And best of all: Quizeee?! is suitable for all ages and works easily with any smartphone.

Quizeee?! has already inspired 100+ companies

Because Quizeee?! is perfectly suited for any team and company size, our customers include corporates, start-ups, institutions and NGOs as well as non-profits from Germany and all over Europe.

Our clients love us


"Kim and Thomas really fired us up at our 2020 virtual Christmas party. They kept all 16 colleagues entertained with great questions and witty moderation."

Cindy Pieske, Marketing Manager, psmedia GmbH

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Whatever you have in mind, Quizeee?! is the perfect program item at your X-mas party!

You can book us for every event. No matter if it is online, offline, in the office, club, summer garden, car, on the bus, etc. We can dial into any video conference or connect to any location in the world. Since Quizeee?! works with every video conferencing software*, on every device and  screen, we've been to over 100+ online meetings, hybrid events and offline events. There are really no limits, you can bring us to any event and we do not have to be physically present. 


Brings fun and interaction in your meetings.



Get us to your LIVE event and we'll quiz you on the spot.


The perfect program item at your large virtual events.


Brings interactivity and vitality to your work meetings.

Every X-mas party is moderated by our hosts 

 You won't believe how easy Quizeee?! runs

All you need for Quizeee! is a smartphone (that's your controller) and a laptop, PC or TV, and an internet connection. You don't need to install or download ANYTHING in advance.  You just invite us to your event and we join you at the agreed time. After that,  IT'S QUIZEEEEEEEEEEEE?! TIME. As the organizer, you now sit back and we take over the moderation and organization.


1.  Introduction by our hosts
2. Ice breaker: warm-up quiz incl. team building questions
3. Team formation (only if game mode "team" has been booked)
4. main quiz with 12 questions

Option 1) 12 questions at time
Option 2) 3x4 questions or 4x3 questions

5. award ceremony

Quizeee?! questions are as diverse as your teams are